Juan Pablo López-Bravo Velasco

Managing Director Spain/ Head of South Europe
Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management S.L.U./Madrid

Juan Pablo López-Bravo graduated from the Universidad Complutense/Madrid with a degree in law. He has 30 years of banking experience at international banks in leading positions in large corporate and SME divisions.

From 1996 to 2012 he worked at Barclays Bank SA (Madrid). There, he was the Corporate Bank Head until Barclays purchased Banco Zaragozano in 2003. After the acquisition he was appointed Head of the SME Division, a division that had existed at Zaragozano but was new to Barclays. He was tasked with achieving the expected synergies which were critical for justifying the purchase. He was a member of the Executive Committee (2002 – 2010) as well as the Compliance, AML, Quality and Credit Committees (2002 – 2012). For ten months (September 1995 – June 1996), he worked at Commerzbank AG, Spain Branch as Co-Head of the Corporate Banking team with his German-speaking counterpart.

Between 1992 and 1995 he was Corporate Banking Head at Bankers Trust Company, Spain Branch where he was primarily responsible for selling derivatives to the 17 autonomous communities in Spain. From 1989 to 1992 he lead the Corporate Banking team at Midland Bank plc, Spain Branch taking an active role in the “matador” bond market. In 1982 he started at Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company, Spain Branch where he worked for two years in the Credit Department before transferring to the multinational team where he primarily serviced U.S. companies with branches or subsidiaries in Spain.