Risk Management

We are happy to take your risk

Kaiserwetter-Risk-Management offers IT-based services specifically developed for the renewable energy sector. The goal is to identify and evaluate risks and to implement measures to minimize the risks of investing in renewable energy.

We place particular importance on data analysis in order to evaluate the respective risks against the actually expected income statement or expenses. Furthermore, with the help of our Monte-Carlo-Simulator, Kaiserwetter is able to map complex sensitivities and thus calculate the relevant risk indicators such as VaR, CFaR, EaR, Expected Loss and RAROC and present distribution functions.

Kaiserwetter thus combines risk management with our SAP-based business planning and controlling tools which enables us to create a risk-adjusted income statement. Kaiserwetter-Risk-Management can be used in every area of renewable energy (onshore and offshore wind parks, photovoltaic, CSP). Especially in combination with Kaiserwetter-Portfolio-Management, risks can be transparently presented and sustainably minimized, regardless of the regional location of the energy park.



Kaiserwetter-Risk-Management fulfills all national and international legal requirements (KonTraG, BilMoG, AktG, HGB, TransPuG, OR, etc.) and regulations (Basel II/III, BWG, MaRisk, Solvency II, AIFM, ESMA, Level 2 measures etc.). It also complies with all guidelines and standards (COSO, ISO 31000, ONR 49000, IDW, CGC, etc.).

The IT-based Kaiserwetter-Risk-Management service was created in collaboration with Opture AG, a company specialized in Risk Management (ERM) and Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC). Opture® is one of the leading providers of professional and company-wide risk management systems in Europe. Under the slogan "Kaiserwetter-Risk-Management powered by Opture®", the product offers new efficient possibilities within the Risk-Management for renewable energies. The close integration of data from Kaiserwetter-Portfolio-Management with the high-performance risk management tool from Opture® is unique. Risk-Management consequently becomes a portfolio-wide management tool and thus goes far beyond the mere fulfilment of legal requirements and regulations that has been predominated so far.