Portfolio Management

Aristoteles: Digital Innovation is Our Philosophy

As part of our portfolio management, data aggregation is one of the central elements of digitization “made by Kaiserwetter”. By creating a structured database that cannot be manipulated, we are able to implement Big Data Analytics in a user-oriented manner. Our innovative strength lies in the fact that in addition to technical data, we present above all the financial data of wind and solar parks in a cloud-based Internet-of-Things solution. 

Aristoteles enables us to prepare the performance data of the generating units as well as the financial data for our customers at arbitrary aggregation levels, from a single turbine all the way to country portfolios, so that they can be displayed transparently in dashboards with a simple mouse click. The clear benefit for our customers is especially evident in the functionalities for the financial data, including the cash flows and the budget analysis. This allows them to optimally control their individual portfolios or assets at an executive level. 

Integrated variance analyses based on meteorological data can quickly identify “underperforming assets”. This makes it possible to take immediate action to maximize the performance accordingly. In addition, we also offer a richly varied presentation of the aggregated data which opens up completely new possibilities for controlling, benchmarking and reporting. All this without geographical limits thanks to our cloud-based IoT approach which allows us to aggregate data from almost anywhere in the world.

With Aristoteles, Kaiserwetter has developed a digital innovation for portfolio management and consistently takes advantage of the possibilities offered by IoT and Big Data Analytics. Thus, we are able to take the added value of digitization and implement it for our customers in order to generate efficiency and cost savings.