Kaiserwetter T.A.B. Services ®

Under the name T.A.B. Services, we offer technical and analytical services that give every park the necessary “boost” in performance along the power curves and park conditions.







KPX - The Kaiserwetter Performance Index for Solar Parks

The performance index developed by Kaiserwetter allows us to assess the profitability of a solar park on the basis of independent irradiation values. Thus, the production performance of solar parks can be compared across Europe. This tool from Kaiserwetter was inspired by the recognized German IWET index for wind parks.

Health & Safety Analysis

The operational safety and health of employees in wind and solar parks is a top priority for Kaiserwetter. The increased safety standards must be fulfilled by all investors, owners and operators to prevent personal injury and minimize liability risks.

Therefore, Kaiserwetter regularly assesses the safety standards and the current regulatory requirements in the parks they manage and takes timely measures for the necessary certifications. Our employees are especially trained, not only just to satisfy the legal requirements, but to also actively participate in the safety of the parks where they work. Kaiserwetter offers this good practice as a service. The service ranges from danger assessment to the presentation of liability risks all the way to providing suitable recommendations for solutions and their implementation.

System Analysis of Wind Turbine Generators

The technical analysis of the wind turbine data for ten minutes of operation allows us to determine the best windmill settings for optimal profit. Ultimately, it should generate the amount of power given in the specifications. The individual operating data such as power curve, pitch angle or raw data analysis provide a target/performance comparison and indicate the most important aspects for the optimal orientation of the generator and the blades.

Performance Check Wind Parks

Only first-hand knowledge of the local situation makes it possible to increase the profitability of a park. For this reason Kaiserwetter evaluates the historical production data and compares it with the respective country-specific wind indices of comparable wind parks. In addition, the local wind conditions are compared with the weather forecast system developed by Kaiserwetter. The result is a classification of the park’s performance. In conjunction with the system analysis, we can determine the optimization potential together with the investor/operator.

Kaiserwetter Inverter Rescue Service – Analysis & Solutions

The bottleneck for every solar park is the inverter. Quick repair in the event of a defect is crucial for the production performance. In addition to the technical analysis of defective inverters, Kaiserwetter offers on-site service provided by their regional O&M teams. With their extensive technical know-how, they can quickly come up with recommendations for solutions for an entire range of inverters. If needed, this even includes access to inverters and inverter replacement parts for older models.