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The Performance Unit consists of 23 modules that are divided into two organizational units. The "Project Management Services" unit consists of the management modules, and the modules of the "O&M Services" unit cover the operational activities. Kaiserwetter currently only offers O&M Services in the Spanish solar plant sector.

Project Management Services

Performance Control

On the basis of online production data and with the assistance of Kaiserwetter first-level support, project managers ensure the permanent monitoring of the overall performance of wind and solar projects. This includes the monitoring of all historical operating data in order to guarantee the best possible performance for each respective unit.

Operation & Maintenance Supervision

Our team supervises plant operation, as well as any plant shutdowns and restarts that may be necessary for operational reasons. Our team monitors and checks the quality of maintenance and repair work, safety checks and expert reports compiled by the various contractual partners, ensuring that all work is performed on schedule.

Plant Availibility Management

Working with Kaiserwetter first-level support and a weather forecast for the whole of Europe, any foreseeable and necessary shutdowns are scheduled for low-production times in order to minimize losses. All shutdowns are documented, analyzed and brought to the attention of the manufacturer in accordance with the contractual situation (availability guarantees). Thanks to our first-level support, we can respond swiftly to unplanned shutdowns and thus ensure optimum availability.

Energy Sales Management

Since the beginning of 2012, under the terms of the German Renewable Energy Act (EEG), owners/operators have been authorized to market the energy generated by German wind and solar parks. We perform this direct marketing through a specialized energy broker, and in this manner trade with the electricity on the energy exchange. We take care of every aspect of the direct marketing.

Grid Management

Kaiserwetter takes care of the network connections between the individual parks and the local supply networks belonging to local energy suppliers, and also looks after the company-owned substations. Any damage to lines is repaired as quickly as possible to ensure that the parks can be re-connected to the network.

Project Budgeting

Once a year, the performance team or respective project manager prepares the project budget. This is to be used by everyone as the basis for the performance of the relevant wind and solar parks. The annual yield is estimated according to conservative criteria. The costs are analyzed on the basis of different cost categories, adapted to the “industrial benchmark”, and one-time items are taken into account.

Variance Analysis

The monthly projected and actual cost variance analysis is a key control tool for Kaiserwetter, and is used to compare current economic performance with the project budget. In this way, we can counteract any negative developments as early as possible and achieve the annual performance projected in the project budget.

Technical Reporting

As part of monthly reporting, we inform investors of the technical status of the plants and report any malfunctions that may have arisen. We disclose any necessary repairs and the resulting extraordinary budgetary burden. In addition, as part of the technical analyses, project managers discuss repowering measures with the investors.

Insurance Management

Kaiserwetter monitors the existing insurance protection and checks its cost-benefit efficiency each year in order to identify optimization potential. Kaiserwetter is supported in this process by one of the world’s largest insurance brokers. This guarantees the best insurance packages and thus the best protection for our clients’ investments.

Permit & License Management

A range of authorizations, for example a construction and operating permit, are required in order to ensure that wind and solar plants are truly in a position to generate energy. Such documentation may have to be renewed on a regular basis. Kaiserwetter procures the necessary authorizations to ensure operation throughout the project term without any regulatory restrictions.

Legal & Claim Management

Legal and claim management is a very important part of an investment in wind and solar parks. Rights have to be protected and enforced, whether ensuring real estate easements, warranty claims as part of material defects or initiating proceedings for the preservation of evidence.

Landlord Relations

Kaiserwetter is a full-service provider. We thus cultivate relationships with site landlords. By giving them all the information they require with regard to the operation of wind and solar plants, we establish a positive, long-term relationship between investors and landlords.

Health & Safety Management

In its capacity as asset manager, on-site health and safety is of paramount importance to Kaiserwetter. Our employees are trained accordingly, not only in order to meet legal requirements, but also to play an active role in plant safety. We attach particular importance to meeting current regulatory obligations.

Documentation Management

With this kind of investment item, document management is generally one of the most neglected areas. However, Kaiserwetter regards it as an essential area that, if nothing else, guarantees items retain their value in the event of possible disinvestments. For this reason, we have developed the Kaiserwetter Documentation Standard that can be used to analyze the documentation status and to create a uniform structure.

Regulatory & Market Observation

It goes without saying that Kaiserwetter is always up to date with the latest statutory requirements in the countries in which we operate. This enables us to utilize changes at an early stage and to counteract any negative influences. This also involves observation of the market; providing information so that we are well placed to advise investors on opportunities and potential for investments or disinvestments.

O&M Services Solar Spain


Kaiserwetter has its own service teams operating on-site at the solar plants. They monitor plant operation and guarantee that production runs smoothly. Our site managers remedy any malfunctions that can be repaired, minimizing both response times and loss of profit.

Security Management

Kaiserwetter has its own security teams for nighttime surveillance of the plants it manages in order to prevent vandalism and theft of the park infrastructure (electrical cabling, etc.).

Retrofit & Plant Improvement

Improving the technical condition of plants by replacing damaged solar panels and defective inverters, not to mention the modernization of energy generation monitoring, are key elements of the Kaiserwetter retrofit and plant improvement program.

Grid Control

Grid connection points and transfer station(s) are checked and inspected during the course of regular technical checks. Electro thermography is one of the methods used. This guarantees smooth plant operation at all times.

Energy Production Monitoring

Our site managers constantly monitor energy production directly on-site.  This enables us to localize any irregularities, such as the partial failure of inverters or soiled solar modules for example, and to maximize the performance of the parks.

Condition Monitoring

Kaiserwetter endeavors to ensure that the technical status of the plants is maintained at the highest possible level. All the solar plants we monitor are subject to regular thermographic checks. In this way, any possible defects in the solar modules and cabling are detected and localized.

Maintenance Service

Kaiserwetter carries out any necessary maintenance work as part of the operation and maintenance contracts. It has qualified maintenance teams with specialist expertise ready to take any necessary measures. Kaiserwetter also monitors any maintenance work performed within the scope of manufacturer’s warranties and ensures that they meet the required quality standard; from the individual module to the grid feed-in point.

Spare Parts Management

As part of its O&M services, Kaiserwetter also orders, stocks and manages the required spare parts. In order to ensure work is undertaken professionally, Kaiserwetter has its own spare parts warehouse, complete with a logistics arm, in southern Spain.