Financial Unit

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The Financial Unit consists of 14 modules that are divided into two organizational units. The "Accounting" unit provides comprehensive services for the commercial control of the energy parks with regard to bookkeeping and accounting. The "Controlling" unit is responsible for maintaining a functioning management information system (MIS), preparing the reports for investors and conducting all communication with the financing banks.


Financial Accounting

The Kaiserwetter team takes full responsibility for the holding company’s financial accounting in the respective country where the investment item is located. We ensure compliance with country-specific accounting regulations, which provides the basis for compiling consolidated balance sheets at a different company level outside the investment country.

Liquidity Management

Liquidity management, as the result of the cash-flow forecast and operational reality, is one of the key areas for the successful management of investment items. Kaiserwetter guarantees smooth operation, manages bank accounts and ensures the availability of liquidity. In the case of surplus liquidity, we advise our investors on the best possible strategy for capital investment.

Tax Management

When it comes to international investments in particular, Kaiserwetter understands the complexity of tax regulatory frameworks. This means we are able to support investors with our great wealth of experience and solve even the most complicated tax challenges. We cooperate with large international tax consultancy companies in order to strengthen our partner network.

Third Party Billing

Investment items generate income from the sale of the energy produced. Kaiserwetter collects this income through prompt third party billing and, where necessary, through debt collection.

Corporate Structure Support

In the case of company law structures at international level, a wealth of formalities have to be met and, when company law changes, a number of modifications have to be made. Kaiserwetter supports owners in implementation and, if required, also assumes a management function.

Auditors Management

Preparing audit reports is often mandatory in order to meet the requirements arising from existing credit contracts, or to ensure correct accounting and reporting for investors. Kaiserwetter supports the work of audit companies, coordinating the flow of information on an international level.



Financial Controlling

Kaiserwetter regards financial controlling as an essential part of managing a company or investment. Financial controlling data are thus a central part of a management information system (MIS). This provides a sound foundation for decision making, and in turn makes it possible to steer a purposeful course whilst keeping an eye on the future.

Budget & Cash Flow Modeling

Based on planning tools developed by Kaiserwetter, the budgets of the individual wind and solar parks are presented in the form of a profit and loss account and the cash flow is modeled for the relevant periods. This enables effective and reliable liquidity planning.

Bank Relationship

In the case of existing financing, Kaiserwetter makes sure that the financing banks are in receipt of all the necessary documents and information. If there are any queries during the credit period, Kaiserwetter coordinates the procurement of information and documentation for the participating banks.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)/ Benchmarking

Kaiserwetter is measured against the performance of the wind and solar parks. We thus determine key performance indicators (KPIs) that give investors a clear and detailed picture. In order to ensure the validity of the KPIs, Kaiserwetter carries out benchmarking in line with industrial standards.

Target-Performance Comparison

As part of the annual budget planning, and in collaboration with the Performance Team, targets are established in terms of revenues and costs for the next three years. We perform target/actual comparisons for each financial year which enable us to control performance over the year as a whole.

Investors Reporting

In order to give our clients or investors an accurate picture of the investment, we compile monthly reports that reflect the overall performance of the investment and provide information about the technical status of the parks.

Impairment Tests

Kaiserwetter performs any necessary impairment tests and analyzes possible deviations from balance sheet values. Our extensive experience in determining parameters and performing tests provides a sound basis for such analysis.

Loan Management

Kaiserwetter monitors the credit agreements concluded as part of the financing for individual investments and ensures compliance with the agreed credit conditions (covenants). Our business and cash flow modeling or sensitivity analyses recognize any deviations at an early stage and, as a result, the necessary measures can be agreed upon with investors and banks.