Renewable Energies driven by data and loved by us

Kaiserwetter is the internationally leading „Data as a Service“ company with a focus on renewable energies.
Our services and digital innovations based on smart data analytics and artificial intelligence allow us to support our customers including investment companies, banks, supranational organisations, and energy companies in their regional, national, and international endeavours and by doing so globally promote investments into renewable energy. Innovation is our constant driver and the awareness that technology and our common will are the key factors for the world of tomorrow.

Kaiserwetter Services



ARISTOTELES – the innovative cloud-based IoT platform we have developed is using the possibilities offered by digitisation and intelligent data analysis. Based on smart data analytics, predictive analytics, and machine learning we can achieve a decisive improvement of renewable energy assets and entire portfolios. ARISTOTELES aggregates technical, meteorological, and in particular financial data transforming unstructured data into a structured database.

A comprehensive wealth of information is provided on the basis of implemented and learning algorhythms which provide a major contribution to maximising overall performance. This means greater transparency, a minimised investment risk, and a maximum yield for our customers ranging from energy producers to funding banks.





With ZULU we have developed the world’s first online service configurator for the technical and commercial management of windparks. The customer is free to choose the desired service in modules in the front end according to the principle of „you choose. we serve“, learn the price straight away online, and get the contract sent for signing.  At present  ZULU is available in Germany and Spain – with our highly specialised teams in Hamburg and Madrid in charge of implementing this bespoke service. Other asset classes such as solar parks, photovoltaic plants, biomass power plants, and hydroelectric plants are subsequently integrated into ZULU and new countries and markets are opened up. This proves that digital innovation has also arrived in the services sector.



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