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Digitization meets Renewable Energies 

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Asset Management in the fourth Dimension

Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management at a Glance

Kaiserwetter is an independent, internationally operating service provider for the management of wind and solar assets of energy companies and investors. The Kaiserwetter service portfolio combines classic, technical and commercial asset management with digital integration of all processes and data. The goal is for our customers to sustainably maximize the energy production of wind and solar parks and to increase the efficiency of the resources used. This in turn allows our customers to implement new, streamlined organizational structures in the parent business units. We utilize the possibilities of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) to aggregate the data generated and use the data pool created in various dimensions for our customers. We know that Big Data Analytics offers wind and solar park operators a high level of efficiency and performance potential, but above all, we can already realize the digital future for our customers today.



Digitization made by Kaiserwetter

Data Generation



Our technical and commercial management is combined with the digital integration of all processes and data to sustainably maximize energy production.

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Data Aggregation



We take advantage of the Internet-of-Things and the possibilities of our cloud-based data analysis tools to manage portfolios efficiently, transparently and in a forward-looking manner.

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Data Evaluation



Our IT-based service makes it possible to evaluate risks based on the aggregated data in order to minimize the risk of your investment throughout the entire lifecycle.

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Data Simulation



With the help of the Kaiserwetter algorithm, the data collected is used to simulate the future, thus making it possible to maximize system availability and minimize costs.

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Assets under Management

Wind and solar parks

with a power of 470 MW

28 wind parks

23 solar parks